Grief & Loss

Grief expresses itself in many different ways; overwhelming sadness, shock, anger, isolation, regret, hopelessness and irritability. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, whether  it is from the death of someone significant in your life, or a major life change,  having a space that is your own to talk about these changes and grieve out loud, without judgement, can make the process easier for you. Grief work can be completed in individual, couple or family sessions.

I specialize in working with those who have experienced a sudden or traumatic loss. This includes losing someone to any of the following:

  • suicide
  • homicide
  • car accidents
  • medical reasons
  • other freak accidents


If there has been a loss or multiple losses within your work place or educational setting, you and your colleagues may benefit from additional support. I offer workshops and support in your place of work or learning to help manage the overwhelming emotions and questions that often come after loss. Finding balance between grieving and meeting deadlines can be a tricky one, let me help you find that balance. Please contact me for more information.


GRIEF AND LOSS COUNSELING SERVICES (2)Please contact me with further questions, inquires or an intake appointment.