Grief & Loss

Your life has been turned upside down

Whether you’ve just received news of an impeding loss or you’ve suddenly learned that your life has just changed forever, you are not okay. You’ve tried to wrap your head around your new reality but none of it is making sense. You are doing your best to go through the motions of daily life, but the sadness, disbelief and pain is overwhelming.

How will this ever end

When we experience a loss, whether it is of a relationship, family member, friend, job, home or normalcy, there is a profound sense of sadness that can feel like a dark cloud impacting your every move. We recount all the things we “could have” or “should have” done to have a different outcome. Ways we could feel the slightest bit better than how we do right now…it feels like life will never be okay again.

Understanding your new normal

No one can truly be prepared for grief. It is different for every individual and there is no “right way” to grieve. One of the healthiest ways of working through grief is making room for it in a way that makes you feel normal and heard. I can help you understand what typical patterns of grief look like and how to understand your emotional and physical reactions to your loss. Together we can work through past events that feel helpful and healing to you versus living in past memories that only create pain and suffering. Once you can process and understand the loss, there is room to integrate the loss into the new life that is in front of you.

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