I feel like I have it all together – but I don’t


Everything is going great on paper, yet something still feels off.  You’re successful, motivated – while at the same time disconnected. Even though you are always on the go, something is missing. Sometimes you feel like you’re watching your life happen instead of experiencing the emotions that make up all the moments.


Connecting the dots


When we disconnect emotionally due to past trauma, poor boundaries in relationships or inability to cope with a major stressor – all the other positive parts of our lives seem to dim. When we separate ourselves from what is happening internally, it’s not uncommon to feel like one minute we are on top of the world and the next we are barely keeping afloat.


Unstuck yourself


Whether it is guiding you through a major life transition (break up, career change, loss) or supporting you heal from past trauma you have pushed aside all these years – I can help. My direct and down to earth approach gets clients un-stuck and connected to the meaningful parts of their lives.

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