Something needs to change.


It feels like a never-ending loop of miscommunication, hurt and loneliness – no matter how hard you try. You and your partner can be standing in the same room yet feel worlds apart. It’s like the stuck has taken over everything and you catch yourself wondering is this worth it?


Relationships struggle


Whether you are just growing in to your first year together or this is a partnership with a colorful and rocky history – you aren’t alone. Explosive arguments, boundary violations and betrayals leave many couples questioning their relationship and themselves. But you are choosing to do something different; reaching out for support.


Do something different


I guide each individual towards taking accountability while providing a space for them to be seen and heard by their partner. I provide couples with the skills to manage old wounds, so the pain doesn’t take over the room and paralyze the partnership. I gently challenge deep-rooted patterns and provide new perspectives so that safety, cohesion and intimacy can begin to grow.

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